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Frequently Asked Questions

Ridge-capping is the capping that covers the roof hips and the top ridge of our roof. A cement mortar connects the ridge cap to the rest of the roof tiles. This bonds each side of your roof tiles together and creates a seal of protection from the elements.

Re-bedding is a bed of cement mortar which your ridge cap sits on top of.

Re-pointing is the flexible mortar which covers the bedding.

Ridge capping creates a protective, water proof barrier which bonds the roof tile, bedding and ridge cap together, shielding your roof from the elements.

The product Rob the roof tiler uses is called ROOFBOND, a leading brand in flexible pointing for ridge caps.

Another issue many people experience are vermin and birds, where crumbling mortar has created an entry point in your tiled roof for these critters to make a home for themselves.

Vermin and birds can be destructive to the structure and compromise the safety of your home. They can:

  • chew through electrical wires, which can cause fires
  • leave filthy deposits of faeces throughout your roof cavity, which spread disease, staining ceilings and saturating the gyprock with unwelcome smells from urine, which can result in a new ceiling.
  • keep you awake at night, resulting in lack of sleep. This can cause fatigue and stress, compromising your health and wellbeing.

The cost of fumigation can be expensive, especially if you have not had your tiled roof checked for entry points by a professional roof tiler, as the vermin will continue to re-enter and you will keep paying for fumigation.

Ideally you should have your tiled roof inspected once a year, when you have your gutters cleaned prior to the bushfire season.

If you do not get your tiled roof inspected regularly you are at risk of the issues noted above happening to you. The expense of these possibilities outweigh the cost of regular roof tile maintenance.

It is advisable to get your roof checked immediately if you:

  • suspect vermin may be living in your roof cavity
  • notice birds fly in and out of cracks in your roof tiles and bedding
  • notice mould on the ceiling
  • smell foul odours coming from the ceiling
  • notice cracked pointing, after any tradesman have been walking on your roof tiles.

Roof tile maintenance is essential for the longevity of your entire home and should not be ignored.

Call Rob the Canberra roof tiler for a free quote, so you like so many others in the ACT can see the difference.

Some examples of these unwanted expenses are ceiling replacement, electrical fires resulting in possible loss of home, rotten roof batons and roof trusses, which will then need replacing, or worst case scenario your roof could collapse, compromising your families safety.

A leaking roof results in mould infestation which can cause ear infections and respiratory issues, again compromising your families' health. This all results from water entering from a deteriorating flexible or cement mortar mix, or cracked/broken roof tiles.

Over time the cement mortar mix and the flexible mortar wears and deteriorates enabling an entry point for the elements to enter your roof causing a myriad of unwanted expenses.

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